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At Mind Your Business we spend time getting to know you and your business so we can tailor your programme to your needs. Our aim is to help you reduce workplace stress which results in a more productive workforce, and a happier work environment.

By addressing mental health head on, not only can you save money in terms of recruitment, legal issues and lost productivity through staff sickness but you also enhance your reputation through staff retention, which will ultimately benefit the customer and the company.

All our programmes start with an initial meeting to assess your individual needs and they are tailored to address any current issues. The end result is not to change the stressors per se but rather to enable people to manage their stress so that they cope better and have clarity of thought which will result in better decisions, better time management and ultimately more productivity.

Following on from our programmes, you can opt for support via the 6 week package or on-going monthly support. This allows you to access professional guidance and advice and puts your employees firmly at the front of your organisation.

We can also help with creating and communicating mental health at work plans and developing mental health awareness for employees including introducing routine monitoring programmes of employee mental health and wellbeing. 

For individuals needing more one-to-one support, we can offer clinical psychotherapy and hypnotherapy services via skype or in person.

Business Speak

This is our 60 minute introductory talk for up to ten people, explaining the mechanics of stress and how the brain works.  It is often a 'light bulb' moment as you begin to understand why you feel the way you do, and includes some strategies on coping with stress.
Cost £250

Anatomy of Stress Workshop

A half day workshop for up to ten people, delving deeper into how the brain works, how it affects our physiology, as well as an anatomy of stress.  Practical strategies on building resilience to promote good mental health in the workplace.
Cost £1500

Prevention Masterclass

This one day masterclass for up to ten people looks into working practices and developing 'prevention is better than cure' strategies
Cost £2750
Additional attendees by arrangement

Following on from any of the above talks, workshops or masterclasses is a 6 week programme comprising 6x 1 hour sessions with up to 10 people exploring how stress develops
Cost £2000

Consultation retainer, 3 hours per month one-to-one sessions either on site or telephone support
Cost £250 per month
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