Managing mental health at Work

Practical Guidance to manage stress in the workplace

With the current focus on stress in the workplace from the media, legal sector and government, many organisations are looking to include mental health awareness in their company strategy.  Often seen as a 'woolly' aspect of health, mental wellbeing is in fact a cornerstone of productivity.  The implications of ignoring mental health in the workplace may include:
  • Cost of recruitment - estimated at £30,614 per employee (Oxford Economics report), including cost of lost output whilst the replacement employee gets up to speed and logistical cost of recruiting and absorbing a new worker
  • Cost of legal action - there are an increasing number of cases finding in favour of employees where a mental health condition was disclosed but not further investigated or followed up on
  • Cost of long-term sickness leave
  • Moral obligations of a company to its employees: a better work environment leads to happier employees which leads to more productivity
  • Health and safety issues: is the employee unsafe to operate when suffering from a mental health issue
  • Company reputation: both in terms of clients and recruitment of new staff
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